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the canucks and the blackhawks are my teams.


It’s been two years since we lost Rick Rypien.
May 16, 1984 - August 15, 2011

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Memorable speeches at past NHL Awards

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane celebrating their 2013 Stanley Cup Championship

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Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane celebrating their 2013 Stanley Cup Championship, part 2 (Audio)


i feel u, canucks

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Happy 28th Birthday Maxim Lapierre! (March 29, 1985)


March 29, 2013: The ever-graceful Jonathan Toews practicing his faceoffs at morning skate this morning

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Hockey players that are ridiculously gorgeous
Bobby Ryan

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“Excuse me, just going for my line change here.”

The first day that we met, we came to Duluth, and…we got there late August, but I guess they had the week off- all the other guys had the week off- so we didn’t know that coming in. We stayed at a senior’s house, they weren’t there, and the coaches called me and said, “Mason Raymond’s coming at the same time, so you guys will hang out for a few days by yourself.” So he got in, and you could tell he was a little bit of a lost puppy and didn’t really know what to do- he was hungry when he got in, and I was like, “What do you feel like eating? There’s not much around the house.” So all there was was some eggs, some bagels…I think some cheese, and I just put together a nice egg sandwich, and he was amazed. He wanted them for the rest of the two years.